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Home Security During House Tenting

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Home Security During House Tenting

Hawaii is a wonderful place to live, work and have fun! As wonderful as it is, we can't forget that there are people out there who may want to steal our possessions. It is just a part of life. Most thieves hate confrontation, so they prefer a target where the likelihood of someone seeing them is slim. One of these targets could be a tented house. If you are planning to have your house tented it is very important that you take some security precautions to protect your home and valuables. Here are some suggestions.
  1. Notify your local police that your house is being tented, and ask that they do a "house check". Honolulu Police provide this service and it can be requested by calling 911 and requesting an officer to come to your home to initiate a house check report a day or two prior to your house tenting.
  2. A security alarm can be a great deterrent to thieves. There are many good companies that provide security systems. A security alarm will give you piece of mind long after your tenting is completed.
  3. Self Monitoring: A simple deterrent can be parking in front of your house for the night while your house is being tented and reading a good book or watch movies on a portable DVD player. A potential thief driving by and seeing you in front will just keep on driving and go look for the next unprotected target. The thought of staying up all night might not sound appealing, but finding that thieves cut the tent and made off with your possessions is much worse than a sleepless night.
  4. Remember, being proactive is the best defense!

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