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Drywood Termite Treatment In Hawaii


Drywood Termite treatment can consist of treating a single piece of furniture at your home or business, vault-fumigation of larger wood objects that are infested, to a complete tent fumigation of an entire commercial building. We do it all, and we humbly share that we employ the best tent fumigators in the state! Our fumigation team goes above and beyond to make the tent fumigation process as easy as possible for you, your family, and/or your business. Our fumigation team is trained, licensed, and full of experience!

Here at Aloha Termite we use Vikane® gas fumigant with tent and vault fumigation. We offer five-year warranties on all tent fumigations, and no yearly renewal fees.

If you are a property owner and think you have drywood termites, please give us a call. We are standing by to schedule a free inspection, and to explain drywood termite treatment options (if needed).


Drywood termites don’t live in the ground. In fact, drywood termites don’t need any kind of contact with the ground to survive; all they need is dry wood. Drywood termites produce their own water while digesting the wood they eat.

A sign of drywood infestation is seeing kick-out holes that they make while eating. The termites kick out their poop pellets from these holes; their poop looks like find sand and can be a variety of colors, based on the type of wood they’re eating. Sometimes, an infested piece of wood will have what looks like blisters on the surface. The wood underneath being eaten away is what causes the blisters. Also, drywoods are not as meticulous as ground termites in how they eat wood. The drywood termite eats across wood grains and in all directions.

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How do I know if I have drywood termites?


A sign of drywood termite infestation is seeing “kick-out” holes that they make while eating. The drywoods “kick out” their poop pellets from these holes. The poop pellets look like fine sand and can be a variety of colors, based on the type of wood they’re eating. Painted walls might look like they have bubbles, because the wood underneath has been eaten away. Drywood termites get everything they need to survive from the wood they eat, so a drywood infestation may go years before being noticed.

What are my options if I have a drywood termite infestation?


Drywood termite treatments may be localized or require an entire structure treatment. Being placed in one of our treatment vaults can locally treat infestations in a single piece of wood or furniture. We have drywood termite treatment vaults on Kauai, Maui, and the Big Island. Pieces of infested structural wood can also just be replaced (e.g., kitchen cabinet, interior door, etc.), but this is sometimes more costly than a vault treatment. An entire structure treatment requires a 24-hour tent fumigation process in which people and pets need to vacate the property. With tent fumigation, the structure is covered with tarps and a gas fumigant is introduced that enters the infected wood and kills the termites.

How much damage can drywood termites do?


The drywood termites’ colonies are smaller than ground termites, so the amount of damage being done is a little slower. The amount of damage being done is also dependent on the number of colonies inside a structure. As time goes by, an untreated drywood infestation can cause considerable damage to a structure.

How much does it cost to treat a drywood termite infestation?


Localized treatments are dependent on the size of wood or furniture requiring a vault treatment. A free estimate can be provided anytime. The cost of tent fumigation of an entire structure is based on cubic footage, structural location, obstacles around or on top of the structure that may hinder the tenting process, and number of stories of the structure. Our licensed and experienced estimators provide a complete quote in writing, with no hidden fees. Of course, our estimates are always free, and the cost of fumigating an entire structure comes with a five-year warranty and no annual renewal fees.

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