Hawaii Cane Spider

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Hawaii Cane Spider

The cane spider has about as many names as it has legs. The cane spider is also known as the large brown spider, banana spider, laya, brown huntsman, and others. The adult cane spider’s leg span can reach up to six inches in length; it walks kind of like a tarantula, and has hairy legs. Even so, the cane spider is an interesting creature that is not considered dangerous, and in fact, is very beneficial in natural pest control.

The cane spider does not weave webs, so it relies on its running and jumping abilities to catch its prey when it hunts at night. All insects are fair game to a cane spider, thus making it beneficial to have around. Cane spiders eat everything from ants, to roaches, to even grasshoppers. The cane spider has even been known to prey on scorpions.

Since the cane spider spins no web, the female produces an egg sac that she carries around with her under her body until the eggs hatch. The female cane spider can carry from 100 to 400 eggs in her sac. The sac can become quite cumbersome for the female cane spider, and she sometimes becomes immobile during the incubating period. Once hatched, the female cane spider takes care of her babies until they are old enough to fend for themselves.

Hawaii Cane Spider

Cane Spider Bite

The cane spider does have the ability to bite, but it would rather run than defend itself. If a cane spider bite does occur (usually from persistent provoking of some kind), it generally does not result in any major health issue. Most times, an over-the-counter pain relief will relieve the bite.

Due to their flattened bodies, cane spiders can find their way indoors and may be found hiding behind picture frames, on walls, under throw rugs, or in cracks they find. Once inside, the cane spider will do a stupendous job of ridding your home of roaches and other unwanted pests. Of course, if unwanted inside, wrapping the spider in a paper towel and throwing it into the shrubbery outside will help to keep the outdoor foliage free of unwanted pests.
The cane spider is an interesting creature, generally non-aggressive, and eats all the kinds of pests that are not wanted indoors. Please feel free to give us a call with all your spidery questions.