Hawaii Pigeons

by | Mar 17, 2021 | Uncategorized

Pigeons as a Pest Bird!

There are over 300 species of birds in Hawaii, and over 50 endemic to the islands. For many bird lovers, Hawaii is a super place for bird watching, especially those bird species only found here. Our island birds play an important role in the continued success of our ecosystem. While the pigeon may play some role in our ecosystem, its sheer numbers play a huge role in damaging businesses and homes. 

Pigeon debris from overpopulation builds up over time, causing blockage of gutters and drains, and possible future flooding and structural roof damage. The uric acid from the feces of flocks of pigeons corrodes metals and similar items when left unattended over a prolonged period of time. An abundance of feces also presents slip and fall hazards. Pigeons’ nesting materials have been known to cause electrical failures in machinery, and the bird’s presence presents an overall unclean appearance to business customers and other property owners. In fact, businesses and other property owners have invested significant cleanup costs related to pigeon infestations.

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