Help! Centipede Are In My House!

by | Jan 12, 2021 | Uncategorized

What do you do when Centipedes get into your house?

Sometimes our skin feels creepy and crawly when we think about centipedes sneaking in and around our homes. Centipedes are very common in Hawaii and very hard to avoid. Centipedes are generally found outside, but here at Aloha Termite and Pest Control we often get phone calls and inquiries when one or more centipedes are spotted inside the home. Here are a few reasons why centipedes might come into the home; along with a few things we can all do to keep centipedes from entering the home.

If the weather has been very dry, centipedes may enter the home looking for moisture. Centipedes dehydrate very easily and need moisture to survive. On the other hand, when there has been a tremendous amount of rain – to the degree where flooding has occurred – centipedes may look for refuge from the flooding inside a home. Centipedes may also enter a home looking for food. These creatures like to eat bed bugs, flies, spiders, silverfish, cockroaches, and other bugs and insects. So, whether a centipede has entered the home looking for moisture, or food, or just took a wrong turn, there a few things that will help keep these buggers from coming inside.

First, keep the inside of the house dry. Repair leaking pipes and clean up all those damp areas.

Second, clean up clutter within the home. Clutter tends to trap moisture and provides a nice haven for centipedes to live and grow.

Third, seal around windows and doors, and anywhere else that centipedes can slip in through. Ensuring the house is sealed well keeps all kinds of pests at bay.

Finally, get rid of the other pests indoors and the centipedes won’t have a reason to come in looking for food. Sometimes, seeing centipedes indoors is a sign of another pest problem. If you have questions about centipedes or any other pests, please give us a call!