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Are you looking for a way to keep your family safe from pests, but aren’t sure where to begin? Our eco-friendly pest control services are specifically designed to treat and prevent pests that are common in Hawaii. We use a highly effective, family-friendly pest management approach that brings you the instant relief you expect along with the long-term protection you deserve. Even better, when you call before noon, you can receive same-day pest control!

Get Rid of Unwanted Pests!


Get Rid of Unwanted Pests!

Get Rid of Unwanted Pests!

Don’t let unwanted pests make your home or business life miserable. At Aloha Termite & Pest Control, Inc., not only do we treat your pest problems, but we also provide recommendations for prevention of unwanted pests. Our pest control specialists will, (1) accurately identify your pest problem, and (2) provide a recommendation to resolve and prevent future infestations based on the best solution for you and your property. Aloha Termite & Pest Control, Inc. offers an assortment of pest control packages to fit individual needs and budgets, and include:

ant removal Hawaii
  • One-Time Interior & Exterior Treatments
  • Monthly, Bi-Monthly, and Quarterly
  • Interior & Exterior Treatments
  • Interior & Exterior Flea and Tick Treatments
  • Exterior Yard Treatments
  • Exterior and Interior Baiting and Trapping
  • Synthetic and Natural Pest Control Solutions
  • Servicing Residential and Commercial Properties

As with all services we offer, our pest control services are backed by our Satisfaction Guarantee because we want to be a permanent part of your pest control needs. Our estimates are always free! You can fill out the online form or call us at 622-2268. We’re here to help with all your pest control challenges.

Common Pests Found in Hawaii:

  • Roaches
  • Fleas
  • Ants
  • Centipedes
  • Ticks
  • Centipedes
  • Bed Bugs
  • Mites
  • Spiders
  • Scorpions
  • Wasps
  • Rats
  • Mice
Aloha Termite & Pest Control

Alternative, Organic Options Available

Green pest control is an important – and sometimes the only – option for many, so we want you to know that we also offer innovative technologies that allow us to provide quality pest control services using the latest chemistry in botanical oils. Botanical oils are non-toxic to the environment and to people and pets.


Serving all islands for Pest Control

We specialize in treatment solutions that will not break the bank. Our inspection teams will check each job before we start treatment. This will ensure you receive the best possible solution for your pest problem.

We spray inside and outside of your home and before doing so we inspect the area to ensure the barrier we create will keep out all future pests from getting into your home. The owners are pet lovers so we make sure we take extra precaution for the safety of your family and pets.

100% customer satisfaction is very important to our business model. We want to be sure you are completely happy with our services.

Contact us today and we’ll be happy to give you a free quote. Get rid of your unwanted pests, call us.

Safe and Effective!

All of our pest control packages are family and pet safe so you don’t have to put your family at risk to get a pest-free home!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

You can rest easy, knowing that we back up our work with our 100% guarantee. If for some reason you aren’t satisfied, we’ll keep working until you are.

Get the job done right with a company that has a proven track record!

From our 5 star rating on Google to an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau, we have the kind of reputation you are looking for.

FAQ & Answers

How much does pest control cost?

Pest control costs are based on what is being controlled, the size of the property being serviced, and the frequency in which service is provided. All of our recurring pest control programs (i.e., monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly) include an initial start-up cost, and then a fixed recurring cost based on frequency. All recurring pest control programs contain free “trouble calls” at any time. A one-time service for a certain pest problem will have a one-time fee based on service delivered. We provide free estimates for all pest control programs and one-time services.

Are pest control products dangerous to my family or my pets?

We provide both synthetic and natural pest control solutions. The recommendations we provide at the time of the free estimate will be based on the pest problem at hand and customer desires.

How long will it be before I see results after a pest control service?

Pest control service results can be immediate, or they can take a little while. The timing of results is all based on the pest problem being treated. Trapping or baiting for rodent infestation may take a day or a week or more; while treating for ant or roach infestations may be instant.

Q1: What types of pests does Aloha Termite & Pest Control handle?

Aloha Termite & Pest Control provides comprehensive pest control services, addressing a wide range of pests, including termites, bed bugs, ants, roaches, rodents, mosquitoes, bees, wasps, and more.

How does Aloha Termite & Pest Control approach pest control for residential properties?

For residential properties, our team conducts thorough inspections to identify the specific pest issues and develop tailored treatment plans. We offer both one-time services and ongoing pest management programs to keep your home pest-free.

Can Aloha Termite & Pest Control help businesses with pest control needs?

Yes, Aloha Termite & Pest Control offers commercial pest control services for various businesses, including restaurants, hotels, offices, and retail establishments. We understand the unique needs of businesses and provide effective pest control solutions to ensure a pest-free environment.

What sets Aloha Termite & Pest Control apart in the pest control industry?

Aloha Termite & Pest Control stands out due to our decades of experience and commitment to customer satisfaction. Our team of experts uses the latest techniques and technologies to provide effective pest control solutions, all backed by our dedication to delivering exceptional service.

We’re Not Just Different, We’re Better!
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At Aloha Termite & Pest Control, we solve pest problems quickly, safely, effectively, and for the best price possible! Our trained, licensed, and experienced personnel accurately identify pest problems, and recommend the best synthetic and/or organic options available to meet customer preferences. We are humbly proud to say, “We’re not just Different – We’re Better!” Our relentless pursuit to outperform the rest through service, diligence, and integrity makes us better. We know you have many options, so when you’re looking for the right pest control company for your needs, don’t compare us to the others. Compare the Others to Us! We are so confident in the quality of services we provide that we offer a

Satisfaction Guarantee!